• What is TMR

TMR stands for Total Mixed Ration. It is the formulation and blending of various protein feeds, minerals, vitamins, grains and forages, including corn silage and other agricultural by-products into a complete ration which will provide adequate nourishment for ruminants.


  • Who sells TMR

Currently Benacorn Corporation is the pioneer of TMR production and distribution in the Philippines. It is being sold under the product name Benafeeds TMR.


  • Why TMR

TMR is not only food for ruminants, but it can also supply their complete nutritional needs.


  • Who needs TMR

Any ruminant owner (i.e. cattle, sheep, goat)


  • What is the shelf life of TMR

If properly stored, the shelf live of each Benafeeds TMR bag is 21 days.


  • What are the benefits of using TMR

The main benefit of providing ruminants with TMR is that the ruminants can do very little sorting for individual ration ingredients, therefore getting the full formulation of energy, minerals, proteins and vitamins. For animals such as cattle, providing TMR allows a more accurate feeding for their particular state of lactation and level of milk yield.


  • Can TMR be shipped internationally

Benacorn is currently exporting to South Korea. For more information regarding international shipping to other countries, please contact our Sales Department.