Meet the Founders


Mr. Virgilio “Benjie” F. Monzones

Chairman of the Board

The visionary that led the start of this agricultural revolution is Benacorn’s Founder and Chairman of the Board, Benjie Monzones. A successful businessman in the United States, Benjie opted to return to his homeland and enter the poultry industry. As a poultry owner, he has garnered several awards.

After graduating from Ateneo De San Pablo High School, Benjie went on to attain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Letran College. Furthering his education, he pursued a Master of Science degree in Business Administration at University of Toronto, Canada.

A former NCAA basketball player, Benjie Monzones’ love for sports and activities does not end there. These days, Benjie can be found on the green enjoying a round of golf or actively participating in Freemasonry and Rotary International where he is a distinguished member .


Mr. Arcadio “Najie” B. Gapangada, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

The pillar of Benacorn Corporation, Najie Gapangada is also a well known business man, banker and politician.

After graduating from Ateneo de San Pablo High School, Najie continued his education by focusing his efforts towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at De La Salle University, where he graduated as Cum Laude. Najie is also a graduate of National Security Administration with distinction.

Awards in academia are not the only thing Najie Gapangada has earned. He has won various awards in golf and tennis and continues to challenge others in sports competitions. In spite of his active schedule, Najie still finds time to be participate in Freemasonry and Rotary International, where he is a distinguished member.