Humble Beginnings


History begins when men with great ambitions meet. A metaphor realized in Benacorn Corporation.

There came a time, when the livelihood of coconut farmers was ravaged by scale insects, known as “Cocolisap”, in the town of Alaminos, Laguna. With the noble intention in mind, Mr. Virgilio “Benjie” F. Monzones was looking for a way to provide an alternative livelihood for the coconut farmers. Fate having its own way of getting people together, Mr. Arcadio “Najie” B. Gapangada, Jr., a former Board Member of the 3rd District of the Province of Laguna at that time, and a brother Mason bearing the same noble intention sat together to brainstorm ways to address this local problem. The two found out the growing potential of corn, cattle, organic fertilizer and dairy farming as an alternative means of livelihood for coconut famers. Such insight paved the way to establishing Benacorn Corporation.

Benjie and Najie, together with a qualified and determined group of people began to pursue the noble task. For two years they planned and consolidated all their efforts and thereafter begun to establish the first of many structures in what we call, a Post Harvest Facility (“PHF”). Its operations commenced in October of 2013 by planting corn. By March of 2014, the company started to operate its PHF. The establishment catered to shelling and drying services needed by corn farmers during the rainy season. The operation created alternative jobs, provided income to farmers, and produced high quality corn for feed millers in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon. Such a feat cannot be accomplished alone by Benacorn Corporation, not without the assistance and guidance of the Department of Agriculture.

Benacorn continued to aim higher by looking for ways to contribute not only to the local community but also to the country. After much research, consulting with dairy farm experts and visiting dairy farm sites abroad, Benjie and Najie began to pave the path to creating the first Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Processing Plant in the Philippines. Greatly supported by Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala, along with several under secretaries of the Philippine government, a Memorandum of Agreement between Benacorn Corporation and Hapcheon Livestock Cooperative of the Republic of Korea was signed. It was at that time that Secretary Alcala uttered to Benjie, “we have to have this ‘wag na hindi tayo magkakaroon ng ganito sa Pilipinas (we have to have this, we should not let it pass that we don’t have this in the Philippines)”

With the helping hand of the Department of Agriculture in establishing the vast processing plant, the first TMR Processing Plant in the country was built. The plant stands at the bosom of Alaminos, Laguna and aims to uplift the level of the dairy industry in terms of milk production and cattle industry’s quality of beef.

The TMR Processing Plant was inaugurated on the 17th of April 2015 attended by some 3,000 farmers including local dignitaries with special mention to Secretary Proceso J. Alcala, Department of Agriculture; Undersecretary Antonio Fleta, Department of Agriculture; Congressman Dong Mendoza, Chairman – Committee on Agriculture and Mayor Eladio Magampon, Municipality of Alaminos. It is now in operation to produce the best quality TMR to increase the milk production of the local diary industry and to compete in the international market.