Benacorn Corporation prides itself in sourcing only the best. We personally visit farms to inspect where our raw materials are grown. We also abide by strict standards for exceptional quality. We believe that quality in, means quality out. Below is a list of products available:

Corn Silage

One of the first products sold by Benacorn Corporation is Corn Silage, a well-known forage for ruminant animals. This is due to its high energy and digestibility.


Corn Grains

Benacorn Corporation houses industrial type drying and shelling machinery that aids in the process of producing various classes of corn grains, which can also be used as a feed ingredient for poultry. This can also be grounded to produce corn powder.


Total Mix Ration (TMR)

Benacorn is best known for being the pioneer in large scale TMR production. TMR is specifically weighed and blended feed ingredients based on formulas created to optimize growth and/or milk production. Its complete ration provides adequate nourishment to meet the needs of ruminant animals. Composed mainly of corn silage and other agricultural by products, minerals and vitamins, TMR has proven beneficial in achieving higher weight and milk production.

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