Social Resposibility

Benacorn Corporation understands that they are in a position to impact the community and must put much focus on their socio-economic responsibility. As part of the Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles of Benacorn, providing alternative means of livelihood of farmers, creating additional jobs within communities, providing quality food and nutrition for ruminants as well as recycling agricultural waste is of utmost importance.

The operation of Benacorn Corporation is a social enterprise or initiative which aims to spread growth across the supply chain. These translate into earning substantial income and attainment of sustainable goals. The group aims to serve others, particularly farmers through increased productivity, income and various stakeholders.

Due to the character of Benacorn’s operation in processing its products, the raw materials required come from harvested agricultural products and agricultural wastes. The harvested agricultural products produce no waste due to the reason that every piece of the harvested agricultural goods is required in processing the products. Benacorn also helps address the environment by recycling the agricultural waste thus preventing the farmers from burning their own agricultural wastes.